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Chelsea art event raises funds for degree show

An event to raise money for an Art Degree Show has been held at the SU Bar at the Chelsea College last Thursday.

‘The Chelsea Girls’ – a group of five third year students at the Chelsea College – hosted the event called ‘A night with the Chelsea Girls’ – to raise money to fund the final year BA Fine Art Degree show.

Mary Beth Morossa, member of Chelsea Girls group, said: “We are thrilled at the response to our night. It was a brilliant success.”

The bar was packed and the night included live poetry, cabaret and music, with the live performance of Viv Albertine of The Slits.

Yolande Burgin, another member of Chelsea Girls group said:  “With cakes and cocktails, and vintage clothes on sale we managed to raise over £260 that will go towards extras needed by Chelsea students for the degree show.”

The money raised will go to the Degree Show fund and will be used – among other things – for the catalogue for the show, provisions for the private view and supplies for the construction of the show.

Susan Casella BA Product Design student from CSM said: “” I had a really good time and a lovely piece of cake. I think it’s a great initiative to raise funds for the degree show, and a good opportunity to meet new people. I loved it.”

The Chelsea Girls define themselves as “ a women’s art collective, whose practice involve issues of gender, sex and sexuality, and who reject the ugly way women are stereotyped.”

Yolande Burgin, Rosemary Cronin, Steph Dickinson, Mary Beth Morossa and Lillian Suwanrumpha – all students at the Chelsea College, formed the group in 2009 – when they decided to put together their beliefs and passions and give themselves a platform to be heard.

They meet regularly and organize events, actions, interventions and exhibitions – to get their beliefs, concerns and hopes aired to a wider audience.

They say: “We believe that there is a lot to be answered for about the portrayal of women in the media, and how this is affecting us and our attitudes to self esteem and self worth.”

Yolande added: “We intend the collective to continue way past our time as full time students at Chelsea. We aim to investigate, demonstrate, inform and express ourselves in all sorts of ways.”

During the night the group also launched the first issue of their zine – which will be published quarterly.

‘A Night In With The Chelsea Girls’ was the first event of that kind –and there are plans for a follow up event in the next term.

More info, alongside the zine and a manifesto can be found on the website: chelseagirlsarts.com

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