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Chelsea graduate gains sculptures recognition

Former Chelsea College of Art student, James Capper, has had his graduation sculpture work made a part of the Cass Sculpture Foundation.

A charity dedicated to commissioning twenty-first century British sculpture, the Foundation has also announced the launching of a £10,000 art prize, in collaboration with the University of the Arts London.

Capper’s sculpture The Ripper – an industrial, crane-like structure – is included in the collection, which counts among others, works by Chelsea graduate, Anish Kapoor.

Previously exhibited in Bold Tendencies – the Hannah Barry Gallery’s annual exhibition of outdoor sculpture – on the top floor of a four-storey car par in Peckham, Capper’s work has found a new home at Goodwood, in the Foundation’s 26-acre grounds in West Sussex.

Shaping Culture

This year, the Cass Sculpture Foundation and Cass Art, along with the University of the Arts, have also developed the Cass Prize, an MA Sculpture prize to be awarded to a graduating MA student from UAL.

The first annual Cass Prize of £10,000 allocates £8,000 towards the commissioning of the winning work submission and a cash prize of £2,000 for the winning artist.

The selected winning work will be installed on the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground at the Chelsea College in Autumn 2010 and featured as part of the University’s Shaping Sculpture programme.

The work will be then displayed on the Cass Sculpture Foundation’s grounds as one of its commissioned works for sale.

Mark Dunhill, Dean of Fine Art, Central Saint Martins and David Garcia, Dean of Chelsea College of Art and Design, will be part of the selection committee.

The deadline for applications is March 29, 2010.

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